5 things you must know when choosing your frames

What are the best frames for your face shape?
September 16, 2021
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5 things you must know when choosing your frames

Eye problems are something very common that many people struggle with on a daily basis. However, trying to make this something other than a shortcoming is not that difficult, all you have to do is pick your glasses the right way. Any unknowing person will think that it’s all about buying the one that looks the prettiest, they couldn’t be more wrong. Since, the skin tone, eye and hair color, as well as the shape of your head, are some of the important factors when choosing your glasses.

Choose the best frames according to your face shape

It’s important to understand that, when choosing the best frames to wear, it all starts with your face. What do we mean? Simple, basically,  you’ll have to take into account the shape of your head. But which factors can help you know which frames are best for your face? Here’s the answer.

  • Frames with round or oval shapes help people with square faces look better, even giving a friendlier view of the person.
  • For faces that many point to have a “diamond” shape, the best frames to use are the “cat-eye” style. Because they’re able to highlight the cheekbones.
  • If you’re the type of person who has a round face, it’s best to use rectangular frames. We assure you that they’ll completely change how you look.

How they complement the way you dress

While it’s true that we’re talking about prescription glasses and the most important thing is that they fulfil their function, you should also take into account that they’re another garment. Since, it’s something that you’ll wear daily, at all times, and it’s vital that they can be combined with your best outfits. It’s important to know which color you can choose to make it a part of you and highlight your wonderful eyes. Though, here’s a little piece of advice: black goes with everything.

Make your glasses look good according to your skin tone

When we talk about skin tones, we are not referring to the specific color, we are talking about shades of cold or warm colors that are known as the undertones of your skin. For example, a cold complexion has blue or pink undertones, so it’s easy to differentiate it, on the other hand, a warm complexion has peach or cream colors. In addition, there is olive skin, which is considered cold because it has a mixture of blue and yellow. With this in mind, it surely won’t be difficult for you to choose your glasses next time.

You can also take these tips into account when it comes to your eye and hair colors. An example could be different colors for your frames, such as: For a person with warm skin and hair, it’s normal to use brown, khaki, copper, red and even white. On the other hand, for people with cool tones, the best colors are: black, plum, silver, pink, jade and even grey-blue.

Bear in mind the durability of your glasses

The quality of the lenses, added to one of the best frames, can give you better vision and correction of your visual problems. In addition, to make these, a wide variety of materials are used, so knowing how to choose the most resistant, or the lightest, is essential. Here we take into account comfort, tolerance to the frame, quality of vision and even innovative features.

  • TR90: It’s considered one of the best materials, due to its resistance, durability and ability to withstand high temperatures, but, it’s also very lightweight.
  • ULTEM: It’s a very rare material that is used for medical tools and aeronautical items, it’s capable of resisting high pressures and it’s hypoallergenic.
  • Titanium: Another excellent material capable of being very resistant, hypoallergenic, doesn’t rust with sweat and is not affected by corrosion, in addition to changes in temperature.
  • Acetate: This is the main material that rimmed glasses are made of, these are comfortable, durable and moldable, so it’s easy to make arrangements.

Give the best opinion of the product

When choosing your glasses, the optometrist will normally help you graduate your glasses, so they’ll ask for your opinion. The areas that you should take into account in this step are the nose, temples and around the ears. Expressing how you feel with the frames at that time will save you the trouble of going back in weeks later due to the discomforts presented at the time of making your purchase. Remember that you will be the one wearing the glasses, so you have to be sure of what you want.

Mineral or organic lenses

This is a question that you’ll probably be asked when making your purchase and it’s something that many people don’t know how to answer. But it’s something that’s easy to differentiate, mineral lenses tend to scratch less and it’s what many consider to be real glass, if they fall, they’ll break. While organic ones are the most resistant and durable, they offer better results when correcting vision problems, however, they scratch more easily.

Try to get anti-glare and hardened glasses

Prescription glasses have a period of a few years of use, so it’s important not to skimp on expenses when it comes to them. In this case, the hardening treatment of the lenses seeks to make them scratch less, a key factor if you want to see better. This alone will give the lenses a longer life and improve the quality of your vision.

The anti-glare treatment, on the other hand, is something optional that you can purchase, however, we consider it to be of vital importance. Since we’re talking about completely eliminating the reflections produced by the lens, these can be annoying when seeing correctly. They could even cause us to fail on a day-to-day basis, no matter how small the reflection is.

Put your personal touch on them and wear them as you want

The comfort of making your own decision is what matters, a quality product only has quality because it satisfies you. In the end, the only one who’ll wear them is you, so always try to meet your needs. Wait no more and put all these tips to the test and mix them with your individual taste to get the ultimate perfect glasses. Choosing your glasses has never been easier with these tips.

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