Different lenses and their benefits

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September 21, 2021
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September 21, 2021

Different lenses and their benefits

You probably don’t know much about the different lenses, the material, their brands, and some of their benefits. For this reason, we have decided to collect all the necessary information for you to instruct you in this process.

Glasses are a very important accessory for our well-being, either for sun protection or for adjusting our eyesight. It’s necessary to educate ourselves about them, especially if we present any eyesight difficulty.

The health of your eyesight is very important and going to a specialist doctor is the best thing you can do for yourself. The ophthalmologist will evaluate you and tell you the type of crystals you need to use, in addition to that, they’ll indicate the degree of difficulty that you present in your vision. If you’re looking to improve your eyesight, you should follow the recommendations provided by your ophthalmologist to the letter.

To educate yourself a little more on this subject, we recommend that you continue reading the information we bring you.

Types of crystals

When we talk about the different types of crystals, we mean the materials with which they are made. Some of the most popular are the following:

  • Plastic: when made of this material, lenses can be very thin and resistant, in addition to being lightweight and able to help you block UV rays. They are usually not that expensive and can be molded to any frame. However, the disadvantage of these is that they tend to scratch easily.
  • Polycarbonate: it’s a material much more resistant to impacts, like plastic, it blocks 100% UV rays. It’s much lighter than plastic lenses.
  • Crown glass: It is more used in opticians, it has low cost and different procedures can be performed in it. However, it’s very heavy and also brittle, which is why they’re not used as often as before.

Other materials that are just as good, but less in demand are trivex, CR-39 plastic and trifid. You can clearly communicate with the company that will make your glasses and reach an agreement on what material you prefer to use with your frames. In addition to this, it’s also valid that you use different glasses and that each of these is made of different crystals.

Different lenses’ brands

The best brands with which some glasses are made are the following:

  • Varilux: It has long been a progressive lens brand. They have sought and managed to help many people that have great or small difficulties in their eyesight. The prices of these can vary according to the density of the glass that is needed.
  • Zeiss: It has been consolidated for years as a manufacturer of special glasses for sight. These have always been characterized by using the best equipment to make them and it’s for this that they’re among the best manufacturers of different lenses.
  • Shamir: Among the most popular continuous design progressive lenses on the market, these have become popular over time. They are perfectly adjusted to the visual needs of each patient. Added to this, their prices aren’t that high.
  • Hoya: They’ve been recommended by professionals in ophthalmology, and these progressive lenses are one of the most beneficial lenses for visual health. They have been constantly investigated and it has been concluded that thanks to their technological development, these manufacturers produce the best progressive lenses.
  • Kodak: They’re a brand of lenses that’s popular worldwide and that also has been in the market for years. These, in addition to making progressive lenses for glasses, also make lenses for cameras. Currently its large production specializes in the production of lenses for this type of product. However, its origin is due to glasses.
  • Transitions: They are a brand that makes lenses with high-end technology. They seek progress in the eyes of customers, in addition to making them feel protected from the intense rays of the sun. That’s why they offer progressive lenses that darken outdoors and clear again indoors.

Importance of the quality of your lenses

We must highlight that it’s extremely important that your glasses are made out of the best materials, since the wellbeing of your eyesight depends on their quality. If you have lenses that can be easily fogged, they can eventually affect your sight.

To identify good quality lenses, you must notice if:

  • They’re resistant to impacts and scratches.
  • They’re strong and adapt well to your frames.
  • They have a good evolution from the optician.

It’s highly recommended that you consult with professionals when you want to evaluate the state of your eyesight. These will suggest you trustworthy opticians so that they can make your lenses and thus, you won’t run the risk of acquiring glasses with lenses that could harm you.

Benefits of wearing different glasses

There are many cases in which people have various problems with their eyesight. These can be: difficulty to see from a distance, up close or simply other types of problems. In this case, ophthalmologists recommend using different types of glasses.

If it’s necessary that you wear special glasses for reading, driving or for other types of activities. You’ll have the possibility of purchasing glasses that have lenses that include all the formulas you need. However, it’s also valid that you have different glasses for each need.

The greatest benefit of being able to wear different lenses is that you can be creative with each of their frames. If the glasses you use to drive will be mostly used to go out during the day, we recommend that you opt for a much more modern and exotic frame. If the glasses that you’ll use to read will be worn all day long, we recommend sophisticated and sober frames. It’s time to look good and take care of your vision.

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