Find out how the types of frames you wear define you

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September 16, 2021
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Find out how the types of frames you wear define you

It’s nearly impossible to define the number of designs and materials there exists for frames, since apparently, every certain amount of time, something new is being promoted. However, with all this content you’ll be able to know how other people see you depending on the types of frames you wear.

It’s impossible for people not to notice the glasses you wear, since they’re a part of your day-to-day appearance. That’s why it’s so important that you know which are the designs that best adapt to your type of face and style. You must keep in mind that the material you choose should be of your liking. Asides from being pretty, it has to be resistant, since depending on the use you give them, this will help your glasses stay in good shape.

You can consider this blog a small guide to avoid being overwhelmed when choosing what frames to wear. However, bear in mind that these are more than an accessory, they’ll be a part of you for a great amount of time. That’s why we recommend you to always lean into your comfort.

Types of frames and how they’re defined

When we speak of the types of frames, we can focus on their material, their designs, their colors or sizes. Some of the most commonly used types are:

  • Small and oval: They’re the less requested for, since they’re often very delicate and can break easily. Asides from the fact that you can’t perform many activities while wearing them. However, there’s no doubt that they’re exotic frames that will be the center of attention. The people who wear these frames are defined as personalities who stick to the classics and they consider themselves to be elegant.
  • Circular: Aside from being modern frames, they will never go out of fashion. One reason for which these frames are a trend is that they’re avant-garde and elegant. Wearing frames of this type is defining yourself as a sophisticated person who’s able to experiment with different styles.
  • Cat Eyes: These are frames that can be made in any material and they’ve been pretty requested. Cat eyes frames are modern and are often used by women. In addition to this, depending on their size, material and color, they can be very flashy for everyone. We define the people who wear frames like these as modern, intellectual and risky.
  • Rectangular: Just like square frames, these are highly requested frames. They’re classics when it comes to style and they tend to look good on any type of face. Depending on the material, they’re very resistant, and they’ll also look good on any color and print. People who wear frames designed like this tend to be extroverts. They have quite a dazzling attitude and they’re free to try and experiment with different styles and shades.

Brands like Lindberg, Anne Valentin, Dita, are known for creating frames with acetate, titanium or metal materials that move from very dynamic to very elegant styles. What we can assure you is these are frames created for people who are defines as confident, sophisticated and modern. When acquiring one of these frames, you’ll not only be getting a unique design, but you can also be certain that you’ll get top quality glasses.

Frames for each type of face

As we mentioned before, there’s a wide variety when it comes to frames’ designs. However, one of the details you must pay attention to when getting one of these, is which are the types of frames that will fit your face the most.

The types of faces and the frames that would go well with them are the following:

  • Oval face: for these types of faces is recommended to use rectangular or square frames that aren’t either too thin or too thick. Also, it’s been proven that if these glasses are too big, they’ll also look good on these faces. The features of this long face with a wider forehead than its chin must avoid oval frames that are too thick or too thin.
  • Round face: When you have a face with a narrow forehead and chin, you must avoid exotic glasses. Going for neutral shades and square shapes will make your face get a good harmony when it comes to proportions.
  • Inverted triangle or heart shape: this face has a bigger proportion on its superior part compared to the jaw and the chin. For which you must avoid strong frames such as the rounded ones or the Cat Eyes. For this face, it’s recommended to wear rectangular frames with softened curves.
  • Square face: the features of this face are a bit wide and give off the feeling that every element has the same size. For these faces, round, oval or Cat Eyes frames are recommended, regardless of their color or thickness.

Choose the right frames

When it comes to glasses, you can’t leave aside assessing things such as the quality of the material, their color, size or style. These will never go unnoticed and they’re an accessory which we’ll be wearing for a long time. You have to be willing to study the different options there exist among the different brands of glasses. You mustn’t forget your comfort, since it’s important that you feel comfortable with them.

That’s why we recommend you to take your time analyzing which types of frames are the ones that best define you. Based on your budget, choose one with good material and a nice appearance. When the moment comes, it will be incredibly easy to choose one frame, and all you’ll have to do is enjoy them.

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