How many eyeglasses do you need to have according to your lifestyle?

How to choose the best sunglasses to care for your eyes’ health?
September 21, 2021
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How many eyeglasses do you need to have according to your lifestyle?

Another great contribution of fashion can be found in the notorious variety of eyeglasses, since these have been created with different models, colours and even materials. These are accessories that, for many people, can be kept in the same style. However, for other people, it’s necessary to have a wide collection where they can enjoy a different design for each occasion.

These accessories have been adapted for any circumstance. Long ago, they stopped being just a necessary accessory for reading. Currently, these can be a complement in people’s clothing.

Many fashion houses understood this and therefore have created their own eyewear collections. Prestigious brands such as Tom Ford, Dior, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and many others have created many designs for their eyewear. They have also complement many of the outfits from their collections with their eyeglasses.

Another important element that we can’t ignore is that they have been adapted to complement other types of activities. Without a doubt, the concept of glasses has been expanded and below we will explain why.


Among the variety of eyeglasses, we have always found sunglasses. In addition to being an accessory that will protect your eyes from the intense glare of the sun. These will also be a significant companion to your wardrobe.

The material, the size, the colors and even the style will vary as time goes by. Previously, these glasses were very classic and sophisticated, it wasn’t easy to integrate them into the wardrobe. However, their styles have been modernized. In addition to the fact that outfits can be combined with any pair, you decide to wear, whenever you want.

Among the trends of recent times, glasses with less intense colors of lenses have stood out. As well as thin frames made of materials such as metal or plastic. Thanks to many artists, glasses with creative shapes have become one of the most popular options.

Sports glasses

Even for sports it’s necessary to wear glasses and just as there are a lot of sports, there is a good variety of eyeglasses for these. They’re made of special materials, so they can be worn when practicing sports such as horse riding, surfing, running, cycling and many others.

Some of these glasses’ characteristics are:

  • Having an anti-reflective treatment, which is applied to the lenses to have better transparency in them. You will also get a clearer vision, and reflections won’t be a problem.
  • Having a design that prevents the frame from falling off your face so easily, no matter how much you move or sweat.
  • Anti-fog system. When it comes to ski goggles, they have ventilation points, which balances the temperature and will prevent them from fogging up.
  • Keeping it dry. Swimming and diving goggles have a particular size and shape. These are surrounded by a thin rubber band that will allow them to fit perfectly to your face and prevent water from coming into your eyes.

As we mentioned before, with sports such as golf or surfing, special glasses are needed to allow a better sports performance. It should be noted that each sports glasses requires proper care in order to keep them in a good condition.

It’s important to keep them clean to get a good vision, also remember that they’ll be exposed to scenarios that can leave them wet and this can cause them to rust more quickly. Sports glasses can be scratched more easily, even faster than regular prescription glasses. That is why specific materials and lenses are used in the process of making the glasses, to warranty a more durable product.

Safety Glasses

One of the mandatory policies that exist in companies is that workers who perform high-risk jobs must have the appropriate instruments. Among those instruments, we place the safety glasses. These are made of special materials, depending on the type of work you do within the company.

The goal of these glasses is to protect your eyes, either from a spill of any hazardous liquid or an unexpected blow or simply prevent any particle from entering the eye and harming it.

When it comes to the styles available in safety glasses, their designs are very limited, they don’t come in a variety of shapes, just because their main purpose is to provide safety and need to comply with certain regulations, they’re intended to adapt correctly to the face and to keep the eye area out of danger.

When the work you do in a company or industry is related to high temperatures or very strong lights for your eyesight, the glasses are made with a special material. This is to prevent glares from endangering your eyesight and not damaging your eyes in the process.

Reading glasses

Like sunglasses, among the most popular varieties of eyeglasses are reading glasses. These are more than a complement; they are a necessity for people. That is why they seek to offer variety when it comes to frame designs.

Even people who are visually impaired and require glasses to improve their vision can be glamorous and stylish when wearing reading glasses. The size and material of your frames in many cases will depend on the thickness of your lenses. Although choosing your frame is not easy, it’s possible to achieve a balance between health and style.

It’s the moment for eyeglasses

People aren’t limited to wearing only one style of glasses. In fact, thanks to the varieties of eyeglasses, you can wear and combine them according to your lifestyle. Therefore, you can use them to work, to exercise, for your day to day and for many more occasions. The glasses fit all people and can be used at any time. What are you waiting to wear yours?


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