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September 17, 2021
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September 21, 2021

When you’ve been wearing glasses for a long time, one of your main goals is to extend your frames’ useful life. More so, when you finally find a design, you feel completely comfortable with it. Preserving its state is your primary goal and therefore, you are capable of doing anything to keep them in good shape.

With the information we offer you, you’ll learn to do it in a simple way, without worrying during the process. You’ll also know what are the advantages you’ll get if you manage to extend your glasses’ life, aside from many other things.

Permanent glasses are more than another accessory in your wardrobe, they become a part of your appearance. Though you might not believe it, the appearance of your frames will often define how you behave or how your personality adapts. For this simple reason, you must keep them in good shape.

Tips to maintain your frames in good shape

Taking care or your glasses’ frames is easier than it looks like and, though you might not believe it, you won’t have to use any high-risk chemical to do so. For this reason, we’ve decided to collect some tips that will make it easier for you to extend your frames’ useful life.

Take note of everything, we’re sure you’ll be able to benefit from the following tips:

Prevent them from being exposed to water

If you’re at the pool, the lake or the beach, avoid your glasses from touching the water. Especially, it’s important that your glasses’ frames don’t come into contact with saltpetre. In case you can’t avoid it, we recommend you wash and dry your glasses very well. Until you’re certain you removed all of the saltwater, don’t stop drying them, since the last thing you want is for them to get rusted.

Keep them safe in their case

Once you acquire new glasses, these will come with a case that’s specially made for them. This case is included with the purpose of extending your frames’ useful life. In addition, they will prevent scratches on the glass and will even keep them safe from pressure that could cause them to break.

Consider to always carry this case in your bag or pockets. In case that you don’t need to use your glasses during the day, the best thing is that you save them inside their case.

Use products that don’t harm them

In case that it’s crossed your mind to clean your glasses with any cloth that’s in the way or perhaps you might’ve thought of using some kind of cleaning chemical on them, try not to do this. For your sake, and the sake of your frames, don’t use these methods.

When cleaning your glasses, you must be attentive that the products you use are meant to be used on glasses. Always keep near you, the proper cloth so you avoid scratching any of the glasses.

Be careful when folding the rods of your frames

One of the reasons why your glasses’ useful life starts being in trouble is that their rods, start debilitating. If you constantly start bending these or they’re forced to adapt to bigger sizes than their limit indicates, they will clearly get loose.

We recommend you be careful when folding the rods of your frames. In addition, avoid other people wearing your glasses. They can be rough when wearing them and can cause the rods to easily grow weaker.

Avoid exposition to heat

High temperatures put in danger the state in which your glasses are in, that’s why it’s important that you avoid contact with heat. This factor often immediately damages the quality of the glasses and once it’s done, there’s no way to fix them. Especially if these are glasses that aren’t designed to be in the sun, but for reading. Lenses could crack due to an extremely high temperature.

Go to the closets optician’s shop

This last recommendation is only necessary in case that it’s urgent or that the frame of your glasses is at high risk. If you notice them getting looser at any area or that the lenses aren’t holding up to the frame, the best thing is to go to your trusted optician’s shop. An adjustment in the hands of a professional will help your frames to return to a perfect shape. In addition, this will assure you that they’ll be assessed by someone who’s a specialist in the area and who could tell you how long will your glasses function for.

The care you give your glasses defines you

Extending the life of your frames will benefit you in a great way, and some of the reasons are as it follows:

  • You’ll save the need to invest in new frames with new lenses
  • You’ll avoid having to look for a new frame design that adapts to your style.
  • You’ll help with the saving up of materials with which these are made.
  • In case you change your frame, you could donate the previous one to a friend or family member who needs one.

The appearance and care you give to your glasses define how careful and responsible you are. If you wear frames that are in awful shape, this will define you as someone chaotic. However, if at plain sight you can tell that your glasses are in perfect shape, you’ll be defined as a careful person. That’s why we encourage you to follow these tips and manage to extend your frames’ useful life.

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