Your glasses must adapt to you, not the other way around. Our mission is to guide you how to choose a design that highlights your features and that adapts to your lifestyle

We study
your prescription

Not only do we focus on finding the best frames for you, we're also experts in finding the best lenses for you. Lenses that will allow you to get the best out of your prescription and which will adapt to your lifestyle. It doesn't matter if you practice sports or if you spend long hours in front of the computer, we will recommend lenses that are ideal for you..

We focus
on your features

Every face has particular features that tend to stand out more than others, in some people, it could be their nose, in others the eyes and even their lips, or to some, it's the shape of their face. At The Eye Project, we're experts in finding the perfect frames for you, so that they highlight your features without affecting the symmetry of your proportions

Frames that
highlight your features

You'll no longer have to try on thousands of frames to find that design you like so much. With our knowledge and the top quality especially selected designs we have for you, you'll be able to find those frames you love so much in a short amount of time

Brands we handle

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