What are the best frames for your face shape?

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September 16, 2021
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September 17, 2021

Picking the design of the frames for your glasses has always been the most complicated part of buying them. If they’re sunglasses you’ll want to look good, but if they’re prescription glasses, maybe you will have to wear them all the time, so you must be comfortable with how you look. It’s not something that’s on everybody’s mind but the face or its symmetry is a great point to follow to make the choice easier for you.

Thankfully, the current designs are so varied that you can choose according to your face, without putting aside your personality or the way you dress. Faces have features that tend to stand out more than others, in some people is their nose, in others the eyes or even their lips. So, we’ll show you how to find the perfect frames for you, without affecting the symmetry of your proportions.

Know the secret of your face to get your ideal frames

It is well known that having self-confidence can make almost anything look good on you. But still, it’s important to know what kind of face shape you have when picking something like your frames, and it can also help you have a better reference of yourself. We’ll see which ones are those types of faces in which you might find your own.

Oval face

The oval shape is a type of feature which are incredibly favorable, since pretty much every kind of glasses looks good on it. This happens because their features have a pretty stable symmetry, without breaking into any sharp angle. It is only recommended to not exaggerate with big-size frames, you must take it easy to not waste that balanced physiognomy.

Medium sized frames are best for oval faces, without getting carried away by those hybrid designs which could break the stability of the shape. But you can play with the colors and textured instead. There are small and big oval shapes, that’s why medium sized frames are recommended. Of course, this should be analyzed as the person tries on different glasses.

Square face

You can tell when you have square-type features because the jaw is noticeable, the forehead is a bit wide, but none of these features stands out more than the other. They both tend to have the same length, giving it a distinct square shape. For the people who have this kind of face, what’s best is to look for glasses that soften those strong lines.

Normally, the lines of a square face are countered with oval frames. Despite this, you mustn’t wear frames that are too rounded. “Cat eyes” designs might also be flattering, as well as those who fit into the “vintage” category. As long as they’re not horizontally long. Colors in the “nude” scheme, aside from other neutrals are best for these kinds of looks.

Long face

Long faces have a more vertical proportion, with straight cheekbones. While they often have it harder when picking frames, wide designed frames are ideal in these cases. Look for something that isn’t too big nor too small. Say no to rectangular shapes which are narrower on the top part, since this will only further unbalance your features.

Round face

In this type of face, what’s ideal is to go against the round shape frames, all sharp angles which are well set. Generally, these types of people have pretty proportional forehead and cheekbones, but their chins are a lot shorter. It could be said that it’s the opposite of square faces. But these, instead of coming across as having a “strong character”, often give the impression of youth and softness in people.

The frames around your glasses should be square or rectangular. They must be proportional both in their width and height. Those who often have flashy details, such as animal print or vibrant colors are ideal. You shouldn’t be afraid of aerials either, with thinner bridges or transparent materials, they’ll help make the distance between your eyes look bigger.

Heart-shaped face

You must try to balance all your features with your frames when you have this type of face. Because they’re often quite wide, with a lower part that reduces as it nears the chin. This shape is also called the inverted triangle. You mustn’t cover your cheeks with your glasses, since your face will look even shorter than it already is.

Frames that are “in the air” or that are light are the best choice. Certain oval designs are good to balance this heart shape. You must avoid exaggerated frames, with bright colors or prints, because they bring more attention to that wide top part of the face.

It’s time to buy your frames now.

All the advice we give you is intended to guide you through the process of choosing a frame that goes harmoniously with your entire face making you shine and look fabulous. Now that you can find your type of face there’s just one step left, go get your frames. In our catalogue, you’ll find a great variety of designs in different sizes, colors and we also have different materials according to your needs.

A good final recommendation we can give you is to take risks. If you’ve already chosen those frames which fit your face the most, but you pick the same design both for your sunglasses and prescription glasses. Are you really taking advantage of your full potential and our advice? Let those features and glasses be a statement of who you are. So go and choose from our diverse list those frames which are ideal for you.

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